Appearance: Pale, lemon-gold, greenish hues

Combining our classic approach of intertwining honey hues with a softer white floral element that adds clarity.

Bouquet: Fresh Elderflower, subtle cucumber, candied lemon

A unique take on our classic style. Gentle floral notes come through and are balanced by a precise cucumber character that sits firmly in the background alongside a candied lemon note, with the sweet scent of honey holding it all together

Taste: Waxy lemon, elderflower, cucumber

If this doesn’t instantly transport you to a village cricket pitch on an English Summer’s day, with the gentle hum of bees working away, nothing will!

The palate is fresh and crisp with a crunch of fresh bunches of elderflower that is wonderfully balanced by a cooling note of sweetened cucumber and earthy honey. The expectation is that the sweetness will stay, but it tenderly vanishes and leaves in its place a long finish of seasonal flowers, summer vegetables and sultry solstice honey.


Weight1.5 kg


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