Hitchin Honey Spirits

Hitchin Honey Gin – Original

Appearance: Pale, golden, honey
Our hand-harvested, hand spun honey is what gives this unique gin its distinctive straw-like hues.

Bouquet: Juniper, honey, meadow flower
A soft and delicate note of fresh, raw honey is the most prominent aroma. However, beautiful characteristics of bright yellow flowers and candied liquorice come through alongside the classic gin note of juniper.

Palate: Honey, flowers, sweet spice
As with the initial characters on the nose, the first flavour you taste is our very own Cardona & Son honey. Its raw sweetness shines through, but is balanced by both the alcohol in the London Dry, and the natural acidity found in our raw honey. Gin’s classic note of juniper emerges as the gin leads into a long, dry, floral and sweet-spicy finish.

Elderflower & Borage Honey Gin

Appearance: Pale, lemon-gold, greenish hues
Combining our classic approach of intertwining honey hues with a softer white floral element that adds clarity.

Bouquet: Fresh Elderflower, subtle cucumber, candied lemon
A unique take on our classic style. Gentle floral notes come through and are balanced by a precise cucumber character that sits firmly in the background alongside a candied lemon note, with the sweet scent of honey holding it all together

Taste: Waxy lemon, elderflower, cucumber
If this doesn’t instantly transport you to a village cricket pitch on an English Summer’s day, with the gentle hum of bees working away, nothing will! The palate is fresh and crisp with a crunch of fresh bunches of elderflower that is wonderfully balanced by a cooling note of sweetened cucumber and earthy honey. The expectation is that the sweetness will stay, but it tenderly vanishes and leaves in its place a long finish of seasonal flowers, summer vegetables and sultry solstice honey.

Hitchin Honey Rum

Appearance: Hazy, sunburst orange, gold
Sunrise in a glass. Just as the sun creeps over the horizon with a golden glow, the rum shines with bright orange hues through a haze of honey that creates a warm and inviting glass.

Bouquet: Waxed orange, autumnal spice
The nose erupts with soft subtle hints of waxey orange rind, and a sweet autumnal spice such as cinnamon and nutmeg. All brought together with a delicate note of our honey.

Palate: Vanilla, honey, toast, blood orange
To taste, the rum is bright and vibrant displaying its youth. The honey is prominent and balanced perfectly with notes of toast and vanilla from the oak ageing of the base spirit. The acidity is juicy and holds a character of blood orange, not too sweet and not too tart. The autumnal spice present in the bouquet holds strong on the palate and marries up the other flavours well.

This is definitely as fun and as lively as our previous honey-infused concoctions however, this is a much more serious and sophisticated beast.

Our Honeybees and How We Give Back

At The Cardona & Son Spirit Co. we are passionate about the survival of the British Honeybee and are dedicated to creating and sustaining thriving habitats to ensure their survival – Our mission is to create delicious spirits using our own raw honey, locally sourced ingredients and a whole lot of love. The more cocktails you sip, the more beehives we’ll build and the healthier our local population of honeybees will become. A truly sustainable way to ensure the future of our own British Honeybee (and who doesn’t love cocktails?) A percentage of our profits will also be used to fund a variety of local biodiversity projects. Help us to save the British Honeybee, one cocktail at a time!

A Selection Of Cocktails Using Hitchin Honey Spirits

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